How Can I Use KM with Endnote and Devonthink 3 apps To Get Link from PDF?

Hi There,

I am new to KM and discovering things gradually.

Is there any way I can use KM to add a link from a PDF/ file from Endnote app to a file in Devonthink 3?

I use Endnote rather than Zotero for my literature and wanted to be able to use it with Devonthink using KM.

Any ideas and suggestions will be much appreciated,



Hey Junaid,

Welcome to the forum!   :smile:

Since I don't have EndNote I have no idea what its capabilities are.

DEVONthink is highly scriptable, so that part of the puzzle is likely.

How would you do this job manually? Screenshots and more description of the task would help.


Thank you so much for the reply. I am pasting a couple of screenshots (one from one of the Devonthink file that needs a link and the other from Endnote reference management system that has files with attached PDF). The idea would be to be able to open up the reference file in Endnote at a click from a link in Devonthink file so that I can open and read the PDF using KM.
Let me know if you need any other screen shots or information. I really appreciate your expertise!


A. Can you get the path to the PDF attachment in Endnote?

B. If so – what is the process?

C. Drag and Drop Endnote onto Apple's Script, and see if it has an AppleScript dictionary.


How do I find out the path to PDF in Endnote?

I have no idea. I'm asking you, since you have EndNote.

How would you get it manually?


Is this what you wanted to know?