How Do I Access the phone contact list from My Macro?

when using the imessage macro, and choosing a contact, the macro can not access my full contact list, only 4 contacts out of many. anyone else having this difficulty? any help appreciated

Hey @kkeith,

You don’t reference the macro…



To add clarity, I changed your topic title:
FROM: Imessage macro not accessing phone contact list
TO: How Do I Access the phone contact list from My Macro?

Also, since your topic is not a macro, but a question, I changed the Forum Category to “Questions & Suggestions”.

To get better/quicker help, please upload/post your macro, and clearly identify all apps that you are using.


@kkeith uses the word macro, and I just presumed that meant the Send iMessage action. I’d never used the action, and testing it showed no issues with accessing contacts, so I didn’t have any suggestions to offer, but I think that KM action is where the issue likely is.

Make sure you can launch the Messages application, and it is connected and working normally.

Keyboard Maestro will only offer contacts that Messages says it will accept.