How Do I Add Text Description to Palette?

How Do I Add Text Description to Palette?

Any ideas?

AFAIK, there is no provision to add a text line to a KM Palette. If I am missing something, someone please inform me.

Currently, I have a workaround, but it requires that the KM Editor be running. Not that big of a deal, since I have it running most of the time. But I'd prefer to not be dependent on it.

My Workaround

  • Create a Macro in the same group where the Palette is displayed to serve as the "text" status I want to see
  • Update this Macro name with an AppleScript to show current status as needed

I have a nice KM Macro Group for tracking my time, called "Time Tracker".
Here's the default, startup Palette:


Notice the first Macro. The name of this macro will change when I punch in to a task:


Here's my script:

AppleScript to Update TT Macro Name

property ptyScriptName : "Set Time Tracker (TT) Status Macro Name"
property ptyScriptVer : "1.0"
property ptyScriptDate : "2019-05-20"
property ptyScriptAuthor : "JMichaelTX"

property nameRoot : "❗STATUS:   "

tell application "Keyboard Maestro Engine"
  set taskTitle to getvariable "DND_TT__Work_Task"
end tell

tell application "Keyboard Maestro"
  set oMacro to macro id "E88C0241-A09A-4BBC-89F7-B9B31BAD6804"
  tell oMacro
    if (taskTitle ≠ "") then
      set name to nameRoot & "IN: " & taskTitle
      set name to nameRoot & "OUT"
    end if
  end tell
end tell

So, as I said, this actually works quite well. I'd just prefer to not rely on having the KM Editor open.

Any ideas?