How Do I Automate Placing an Order on a Web Page From a List of Items?

Hi everyone,

I've been using KM for some year and loves it. All the time it can save me.

I wonder if someone could guide me. I have a daily task were i have to make orders at a website. The flow goes like i get a

  • list in note/sms
  • I go to the webpage and type a X number on the input field on all the product from the list.
    Example 3 Apple, 2 Pear etc

I success with typing X number on the product by using Set google chrome field. However i am stuck after that.

Is it possible to just insert a list as text and then KM can work around and Take info from that list and type in X number on respective produt on the list?

the list looks like this

2 Pear
10 Apple
2 Salads
6 Salmon
4 Beef
2 Coca cola

The answere is probably yes, but
Really need the URL of the web site you are ordering on, for my colleagues to make progress with this for you or a screen shot of the order page.

Hi Jonathonl,

The site is however you cant see the input field until login.

When logged in it looks like this

Here is also a video on how to goes like.

Many thanks

Oh dear it is in Swedish and I only speak Finnish and Norwegian. :frowning:

Just joking, am looking at problem now.

Please confirm, is this for REGULAR orders where whilst the quantities might change the actual items don't

i.e. this week you order 10 Aberdeen Angus steaks
next week you order 15 Aberdeen Angus steaks...

Then there is a supplementary order for that week only

e.g. 25 Dried fermented scallops


I do not know how big your operation is, but the Chef Culinar website has this

our Intelligent IT for kitchen professionals
Our specially developed software solutions also support our customers with their success. High-performance modules for meal planning, ordering products or cost control facilitate the work routine of those responsible from the realm of catering establishments. It is based in Germany, but has expanded into several other countries, so they would have good IT systems.

I would speak to your rep and ask if there are other ways of submitting regular orders e.g. a specially formatted spreadsheet with just your regular items on it

I would also be surprised if their software does not support
"Same order as two weeks but 20 chickens instead of 10."

However, if you are a smaller operation, then I would look initially at using Keyboard Maestro text expansion so instead of typing "chicken" you type zxch which expands into chicken for the item lookup

Finally you could try recording a macro and seeing if you can rerun it to cover the basic items.

I hope you don't mind that I have revised your topic title to better reflect the question you have asked.

Can i automation this?

How Do I Automate Placing an Order on a Web Page From a List of Items?

This will greatly help you attract more experienced users to help solve your problem, and will help future readers find your question, and the solution.

Most likely this can be done, but it will require:

  1. Use of JavaScript in Browser
  2. Access to the URL or the HTML code of the full page.

This is not a simple task, and will take some effort even if you have a good knowledge of JavaScript. If you want help from others, then we will need #2.