How do I Calculate a Window Resize on Same Screen


I would like to do some window resizing. Also, I have 2 screens so I would like it to resize on the screen the window is already on.

I see I can use the move and resize macro.

Q: Is there a way that I can first calculate which screen the active window is on (main or 2 screen) first and then resize the window on that screen?

I’m away from my computer (on a much needed vacation) and therefore can’t supply a macro or screenshot, but in the manipulate a window action, you can replace “main” with “front” in the calculation fields. This will resize the window in the screen it’s currently on.

See this wiki page on screen function, about halfway down the table it mentions “Front”, and explains that it will will resize the window according to which screen contains the largest portion of said window.

Thanks much cdthomer. I will give it a try

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You’re welcome. Be sure to let me know if you can’t figure it out!

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YES - It works great - nice and simple - THANKS!

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