How do I Change the "Macro Abortion & Notification (on Action Timeouts/Failures)" Default Behavior back to "Off"?

I could swear I had these set to false in a previous version, but now I’m having to manually turn each bit of behavior off for nearly each action of every macro. Thanks!

There is no way to change the defaults (well, you could use @DanThomas’s KMFAM macro).

You can select a set of actions that all have failures and control-click on them to change them all at once. But only if all the macros have failure modes, otherwise the menu will not be available if some actions don’t.

What specific action are you using that you regularly have to turn failure reporting off for?

That’s what I use for all KM Actions that I regularly customize and use. Works great!

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Activate Application, If Then Else, Manipulate Window, Execute Script, Click Mouse, Press a Button, Play Sound, Select a Menu Item, Semaphore Lock, Set Clipboard, Pause, etc.