How do I change the target app in a duplicated trigger?

I have simple macros in (formerly iTunes) that instantly switch between Grid view and List view. Wanting to do the same in, I duplicated those macros inside a new Books group. But the problem is the trigger:

As you can see in the screenshot, the duplicated trigger says "(when Music is at front)." How do I change that to "(when Books is at front)"?

  • A single click on the word "Music" simply disables the trigger.
  • A control-click has the same effect. (There's no contextual menu.)

How does one change this?

You change it in the macro group's application availability setting. I'm guessing you duplicated the entire Music macro group to make the new Books group, and the duplicate group is probably still set to only be available in Music instead of Books, so just make sure the group is available in Books and not Music.

Thanks for the reply. You're correct that I duplicated the Music macro group, but I didn't mention that I'd already set the duplicated group to be available in Books. (See screenshot.) I should have said so, but I was attempting to keep my post brief.


I had composed (and posted) a reply here about how I had already set the duplicated group to be available only in Books. In fact that was the first thing I'd done—which was precisely why I was confused that the triggers still pointed to Music.

But when I took a screenshot as proof that I had changed that setting, I failed to notice at first that in fact the group was pointing to Music again. That was the first thing I'd changed after duplicating the group. I remember scrolling up to the orange Books icon at the top of the list. But somehow it got reset.

Bottom line: You were correct, and all is working now as expected. I'm truly baffled, but the problem is solved. Thank you. :blush:

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