How Do I Click on Element in Web Page?

Can you help with another information? I want to click on the search item and paste whar i need to search. My question is how to i click there with KM using the web page element address.


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You can click on the desired element using the same approach as get the text of an element. Use the querySelector() function with the CSS of the element, but then use the .click() function instead of the .innerText property.

For example:

i'm sorry. ok thank I'll try

hi, it is not working, could help me is not clicking what tag and class should I use?


Could you please annotate your screenshot to indicate exactly where you want to click.

hi, i just update

Based on your screen shot of the web page and the HTML code, it looks like the target element has an id of "search-field".

If this is correct, then this should click on that field:

hi I did with this option

Select Google Chrome Field “//div[@class='textbox search-input__container ']/input”