How do I Close Every Finder "Get Info" Window?

Hello all,

I'm sorry for this painful question, but I am really struggling to find the answer to my dilemma.

I want to click, based on a found image, of which there are multiple. I want to keep triggering this command (manually) until there are no more images left. I am just closing 'Get Info' windows on a Mac. Not on the image - so I need to be able to add X and Y adjustments.

I can see the image being found, but my mouse does nothing.

Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,

Hi Matt,

I don't have a good answer for your found image question, but I do have a much better solution for the problem you're attempting to solve. You can close every Get Info window in the Finder at once with a single action:

Closer Every Finder "Get Info" Window.kmmacros (1.8 KB)


Hey man! Thanks perfect. I couldn't find the close windows action. Is this a third party one?

No problem! It is built in, but it's part of the Manipulate a Window action and isn't listed by the name "Close Windows," so it's very easy to miss if you don't know it's there.