How Do I Convert QuickKeys Print Jobs to KM Macros?

I am new here in this forum - I am from Austria.
I switched from Quickeys.

I have a lot of print-jobs in one macro
(e.g. my first macro: print 3x page 1-2, than 2x page 14, than 1x page 3-6 and than 1x page 13).
With hotkey it work great.
Also witz the floating palette.

But best would be a trigger with > »this string is typed:« e.g. "$§1", "$§2" and so on

But with this trigger I fail.
My favorite program is "RagTime" and a solution in this program would be supergreat
(if someone knows a solution with textedit or page it is also good)

Greetings from the mountains - Thomas

How does this fail? Typed String triggers are generally only applicable when you are in a text context (ie, somewhere you can type), which you usually will not be if you are wanting to print things.

Probably what I would do would be to have multiple hot key triggered macros, all with the same hot key, and use the Conflict Palette to select between the options.