How Do I Create a Hyperlink to a File in Evernote?

Ok :slight_smile: it works. And the final target app was Evernote. I would like Evernote to open files on the hardrive sometimes from links. With Command K I enter the filepath including [file://](file:///) and it works on a pdf file, but not on all files.
The message I get: "Evernote does not have permission to open this file" (on many files I try to link from Evernote)...... Clues?

Please provide some real-world examples of the files that Evernote won't open, and those that it will open (any besides ".pdf"?).

None of these works ( "Evernote does not have the permissions"):

file:///Users/saimen/Library/Mobile Documents/com~apple~TextEdit/Documents/Biomatte.rtf