How Do I Determine Status of Multiple Checkboxes, and Check/Uncheck as Needed on a Midi Monitor Window?


Please look at the attached screenshot.

It’s the user window of a monitor remote application (it sends midi messages to a hardware controller).

I can program the “cut” buttons in KM with either mouse clicks or midi messages.

Let’s say I want to activate “Monitor A” when all cut buttons are active.

Macro A hits the “Cut” button on “Monitor A” and I’m fine. (like in the screenshot)

Now Macro A activates Monitor A.

Now I want to activate only “Monitor B”.

Macro B hits the “Cut” button on “Monitor A” and also on “Monitor B” wich makes monitor A inactive and monitor B active.

Now Macro B activates Monitor B.

Now, when I want to make monitor A active again, I have to use Macro B again, which is not logical to use as a shortcut.

If I use Macro A , it will cut Monitor A.

Activating more monitorchannels while keeping the others “Cut” makes it even more complicated.

Is there a way to let KM choose the flagged or unflagged state of each “Cut” button with a macro?

Then it would be possible to program single shortcuts for any single monitor channel to be active, while the others are cut.

(The midi messages generated by the app unfortunately use exact the same message for “Cut” and “unCut”.)


@Nico, I hope you don't mind that I have revised your topic title to better reflect the question you have asked.

Complicated button switch macro - any KM wizard with an idea?

How Do I Determine Status of Multiple Checkboxes, and Check/Uncheck as Needed on a Midi Monitor Window?

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If the window is fixed, and in a fixed location, then you could use the Find Image on Screen action, with a very small screen area covering just the checkbox area of the button, and search for the checkbox (on or off) to see whether it is on or off. Repeat for each checkbox. If the checkbox is incorrect, then toggle it as necessary.

Since the search area will be very small (only a bit larger than than the checkbox), that would probably be quite fast.

Alternatively, you can use the Pixel condition, which would be fine for this case, just pick a pixel within the checkbox that is light when off and dark when ticked).

I note that Monitor E, the checkbox is in a different location, so I don't know if the others can change, which would complicate the exercise.