How Do I Get KM to Select a Non-Image Button That Moves?

I know KM can find images but I need it to find the word 'copy' on a non-image button. This button moves depending on how big the text above it is.

What application?

And – please provide a screenshot.

You can use an image of the copy text, however without more contact around it, or a limited search area the search for the image may be difficult to make accurate.

@Steve_Holstein, can search for text on your screen. It may be what you need here.


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@ChrisQ - thanks for sharing this app. It looks very helpful!
@peternlewis is there a chance you’d consider incorporating approach or similar in the KBM in the future? It would be perhaps a quicker and more elegant solution than searching for the images of visual elements/buttons in various menus.

Can someone help figuring out how this app/approach can be incorporated into KBM macro?

It's possible, assuming it does not use any private APIs.

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Not sure what you mean by "non-image button" -- telling us the app would really help. But have you tried KM's "Button" condition (to detect) and/or the "Press a Button" action?