How Do I Get the Number of Keys Based on a Key Match?

How do I get the number of JSON elements based on a key match?

When I select react, it should only iterate through 2 elements.

When I select material-ui, it should only iterate through the remaining where it matches material-ui and therefore ignore the first two reacts (starting from third index in this example)


Group.kmactions (6.8 KB)

See XY problem - Wikipedia

What is the output that you want to create ?

(You would need to show us an example)


The json has alot of elements where the key can be anything.
So I scan through the keys looking for eg. "react" chosen that I chose to read. When I find a match, I output the value assigned to that key.

Find a key that Matches React, if yes, output its value eg. import React from 'react'

However since it is iterating through the entire json, by the third time, there is 'material-ui' and that does not match but it still returns something like undefined'
So I only want to return values where values are matched.
To me its a parsing problem but hey I couldnt figure it out cos simply not enough or its scattered somewhere in cyberspace lol.

It shouldnt be iterating through the entire range when I only need values from a certain range.


And an example of the output you are trying to produce there ?