How do I have KM select a field within an application when the field is not referenced within the app menu?


I am creating a workflow and need KM to select multiple fields within the app GUI. These fields are not referenced in the App Menu and I'm not sure which existing Macro I may be able to leverage. In addition, I'm not sure if I'm using the correct syntax on some of the macros I've tried. I am including a screen-shot below: the app is 'Cleanmymacx' and my requirement is to select each available field within the 'Privacy' module when prompted.

thanks so much for any advise,

Hi @Bry_M, do you want to mark certain fields or all on this page?
I have an example with the Wifi selection here...

@appleianer, I believe you have answered my question and also, if I understand correctly, taught me a key KM function... Unfortunately, I cannot seem to succeed with my version. Can you kindly advise on the below and what I should perhaps change in this Macro?

**KM Concept - The presentation layer of an app GUI may be denoted as "Presentation" and be considered a menu --or -- did I misunderstand this?

At any rate, the field which I am attempting to toggle is : Presentation > Protection > Privacy > Wi-Fi Networks... Would you be willing to please let me know what you feel I may have set incorrect, below? Each time I spot check this macros I receive an error message stating that the menu item cannot be found...

The problem is @Bry_M that after selecting the submenu "Protection" a scan has to be done with the Enter key to get to the desired selection (Wi-Fi Networks).
So I had to go another way.

Please leave out the Wifi. Enclosed you get my macro. Since I use a German macOS Mojave, you have to make the following changes:

  • (1) & (2) Since I use CleanMyMac via Setapp, you have to refer to your installation of CleanMyMac here again.

  • (3) Please also refer to CleanMyMac with Presentation -Protection.

  • If necessary you have to adjust the pauses in the macro a bit.

Wifi.kmmacros (32,3 KB)