How do I insert keystroke in dialog box?

I have a macro that inserts a variable in the following prompt. I’d like to put the cursor at the end of that variable, so the user can immediately begin typing. How can I do that?

Why don't you display the Slidenumber as part of the text of the prompt, and then the ONLY input is the "suffix" for the file name.
then next step put the slide number and the user input together to give your complete file name.....

I suspect you could also display more info about the slide as part of the prompt.

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Okay, I think my head just exploded! Of course. That’s a great solution. It even opens up some more possibilities. Thank you!

To directly answer your question, put a "%|%" at the end of your typed string.
See VBAR token.
You'll need to use an "Insert Text by Typing" Action.

Thanks, that is a great solution, too.

I don’t see how I c an actually do this inside a Prompt for User Input.

Maybe I don't understand your objective, but I was answering the question in your OP:

and Actually you don't need the "%|% " to position at the END of the typed string.

Here's my test macro:


And here's a demo of using it, both in the KM Editor, and when the Prompt is displayed:

Demo in KM Editor


Demo When Prompt is Displayed