How Do I Limit Macro to One Mac?

I use KM on multiple computers (Macs) sharing macros stored on

For one macro, I would like to limit its use to only one of the computers. In other words, to specify a particular computer, then execute a macro.

I don't see that described anywhere. Is that possible?

Jon Newton
Portland, Oregon

In the settings of a macro group you find a Disabled on this Mac checkbox. So, you could put that macro into a special group, and disable the group on every Mac but one.

For example this group is only enabled on my main computer, not on the others:


Not sure if with “sharing stored macros” you mean that you store macro files on Dropbox and then import them on different Macs, or if you mean the built-in Sync of KM.

In case you have missed the latter, you can activate the Sync in KM’s preferences:


Quite easy!

I use a startup macro that sets a variable to my host.

"Execute text script"

Script is "hostname"

save to variable

And test it when you need to for any macros

Wow, thanks! Two great replies, I will try them out.

I meant sync-ing macros, thanks for the clarification.

Great user group!


I hope you don't mind that I have revised your topic title to better reflect the question you have asked.

Specify computer?

How Do I Limit Macro to One Mac?

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Excellent, no problem. BTW, these solutions both worked perfectly.