How Do I Make a Prompt for User Input Action Work in a Specific Application?

I know how to make a prompt user input macro and I know what I want but how do I get it to work in a specific application?

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Create a macro group that works only in the desired application.

Make your macro in that group.

Give it a hotkey trigger.



Yeah, I know how to program it to only work in a specific application, but how do I get it to do something or alter a file when I enter the details? Example: I launch an application and I create a project, and I need to enter the project details using prompt for user input. I've already given it a hotkey trigger but how do I get the macro to alter the file I have selected?

If the field you want to use in your application isn't already preselected, then you'll need to select it. You can do this with a 'Click at Found Image' action or use a 'Type a Keystroke' action (Tab) inside a 'Repeat' action to move the cursor over n times. There are other ways to do this but these are the most basic and easy to pick up.

Once your cursor is in the field you need, use an 'Insert Text by Pasting' action with the variable you previously declared in your 'Prompt for User Input' action like. Keep in mind that you need to reference your variable like this whenever you want to use it: %Variable%VARIABLE_NAME%

I also recommend inserting 'Pause' actions in between your actions as most apps aren't prepared to be operated at the rate a computer processor can fill things out. I typically start with a .25 to .5 second pause.

Thanks for this! Finally got it to work!

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See the Finder Selection collection.

You can also run AppleScripts from Keyboard Maestro:

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