How Do I Make The Application Open The File Via The Pop Up

Hi Can anyone please help me, I want to add a macro that lets me Add the an Adobe Premier Project file that was triggered when it got added to a folder.

Example in this case the file introandsections was added into the folder but I want it to be open via the pop up window the when the Add source button was ticked. And is there a macro where you automatically go to the designated folder?

In the file selector dialog box, you can go to a specific folder or select a specific file using a sequence like:

  • Type Keystroke: Command-Shift-G
  • Pause
  • Insert Text by Typing “~/Desktop/introandsections.prproj%Return%”
  • Pause
  • Type Keystroke: Return

You can trigger your macro when the file is added to the folder, and sine you know the folder path, and the file name is in %TriggerValue% you can save that information to a variable or use it in the actions.

I don’t know Adobe Premier so I don’t know about the Add source button, but that could presumably be done using an equivalent menu command if there is one, or by clicking on the button (either with the Press Button or Click at Found Image).

Hey Keane,

Peter has shown you how to navigate to a specific location in an open or save dialog box.

If you need more help then please explain your process in a little more detail.