How do I move a Macro out of a Group and Back to All Macros area?

I wanted to drag a few macros out of a group and back into the All Macros area - but I was only able to drag them to another group. If I delete the macro from the group - it is gone everywhere. How do I just "move" it out of a group back to just the all macros area?

As far as I know, "All Macros" isn't a group, and so you can't move it there. Your macro must be in a group.

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OK - then I guess I can drag it to Global Macro Group and that will do the trick?

What if I wanted 1 macro in several groups - would I have to duplicate it?

You can move it to that group, sure. If you have lots of macros, it's probably better to create more groups that help you organize your macros. I have about 100 groups.

What is the problem you are trying to solve that makes you want to do that? Duplicating code is generally a bad idea.

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Yes I agree. No real problem as yet just thinking about KM... no need to waste time thinking about this now

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Okay. A group is like a folder. Normally you don't copy files to multiple folders, but there might be some exceptions.

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Thanks for your help.

As @Airy says, you can't. "All Macros" is a smart group showing all your macros, not a "real" group. You can see that by it having a "Matches" field but none of the usual "Enable", "Available in..", etc options.

If you want the same macro to be in several groups -- perhaps you have a "Available only in TextEdit" and "Available only in Notes" groups and you want to use your macro in both, ⌥⌘-drag it to the second group and you'll get an alias -- actually a new, single "Execute a Macro" action, macro -- to your original. Any edits to the actions in the original will also apply to the alias (since it simply calls the original).

If you want a similar macro to be in several groups, ⌥-drag to duplicate it (or Copy, select the second group, Paste). You can then make changes to one version without changing the others.

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