How Do I Move and Resize a Window to Fit Against Right Side of Screen?

Am I a bozo or what, but I cannot seem to get these to work on the right side of the screen.

It either Doesn't put it all the way to the edge or it spread it over the next monitor (I am using 3)

If I change the MidX to be Right it moves it to the Right display not the right side of the current screen.

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I think you may be misunderstanding how to use the Manipulate a Window action.
The fields you enter for for the Left and Top of where you want the window to be.
Just because you use a function with "MidY" or "Right" does not change that.

So, if you want the window to be moved to the right side of your screen, you need to use a formula like this for the LEFT position:
SCREENVISIBLE(Front, Right) - WINDOW(1,Width)

Make sense?

That makes sense!

I actually just used the Magnet app so set up the screen in 1/3 right and 2/3s right and did display a text action with

%FrontWindowPosition%, %FrontWindowSize% and %FrontWindowName%.

To get the screen position and used those figures to set up the right side window snaps.