How Do I Pause a Macro Until I Tell It to Continue?

I am working on a macro that will open a file in TextEdit and ask me to review/modify the file. I want the macro to then pause until I tell it I'm done with the file, and then continue. (The next steps in the macro select all text, cut it, and then take various steps to create a new Day One journal entry.) I can't figure it out. Help!

Hi @RochelleBroder,

Just add an alert action at wherever you want the macro to pause.



Hey Rochelle,

I'd probably use a Pause Until action with a Key-Condition and a Calculation-Condition for a time-out.

Something like this:

TextEdit ⇢ Pause Until Key is Down with Time-Out v1.00.kmmacros (6.5 KB)

I'm using the Esc key to resume, but you can change that to F1 or anything else that suits you.

I've got the time-out set for 120 seconds, and you can adjust that too as needed.