How Do I Quit and Relaunch an App?

I feel like this should be a simple command. Let's say I've closed out of Microsoft Outlook for Mac. I just want my macro to re-launch the app. How can I get this to work? When I try to record the action, it uses the "Activate Microsoft Outlook" action, but Outlook doesn't re-launch when I run the macro. I've having great success with just about everything else, but this one has me stumped. Please help. :slight_smile:

I figured it out. In the macro, the last action before trying to activate outlook was to quit outlook. I simply added a 1 second pause between the quitting and activating actions and it works. I can probably shorten the pause time. Looks like they were just running too close together.

Hey Ant,

You're using an Outlook-Only macro group? Or a global macro group?

Look at the Pause Until action.


These can get a little tricky, because what the macOS considers running/not-running (or other condition) and what you do may not be the same thing.

So some tweaking may be required in a given situation, and you have to test to find out.


Yes, I handled it by adding a 1 second pause. I'm sure the pause until conditions are met would work as well. I think it was telling the mac to close outlook and open it at the same time, thus the conflict and need for brief pause.

I'm a bit confused about your workflow.
If you have manually quit Outlook, or any app, and then want to launch it, all you need is one Action in your Macro: Activate a Specific Application action.

This action will launch the app if it is not running, and switch to it if it is running.

I see now I left out a key detail in my initial question. I was closing Outlook with the macro first and then wanting the macro to immediately re-launch Outlook. It appears there needs to be a very slight pause between those two actions or they conflict when ran back to back.