How Do I Reorganize Evernote?

You are the evernote expert. Most of my evernote macros and workflow are thanks to you.

I want to take my holidays to completely redo my evernote tag system which is an absolute useless redundant 15 year accumulation mess of mixed syntax tags.

The impetus is my discovery of the fact that I am able to at least see and select (but not edit as far as I understand) the notebook specific list of tags with Shift-Cmd-J because the Cmd-Opt-3 display of all tags is simply too voluminous and impractical.

May I ask:

  • since I am redoing everything, what is your ideal tag syntax ? I am looking for a model to adopt. I know that a start that tags can't contain a # hashtag which is used to attach tags to emails forwarded to evernote.
  • am I correct in saying that there is no way to create an editable (rename, delete) notebook specific list of tags or is it possible to create a macro to do so?

thanks again

@ronald, this is a very complicated question. I will contact you via PM to discuss.