How do I restore KM from a backup file/s, either whole folder or .plist

I'm probably missing something basic.

  • I wanted to restore my full KM settings from a backup. (the restore from within KM was not granular enough)
  • I tried restoring the whole folder, and then restoring only the .plist with a restart and neither of them worked.
    How do I restore a BU to be effective.
    I have a Carbon Copy Cloner backup from 5:45am this morning and I'm wanting to make that my active 'set'.
  • Ah, I also am syncing the macros between 6 different computers, maybe that has something to do with it? Possibly turn off syncing within the app, then quit the engine, quit the app, then restore the file/s then open the app. ??
    I appreciate any help - cheers~

The Macros sync between computers when syncing is turned on but the actual Keyboard Maestro Settings are stored on each individual machine. By Settings I mean what is set in Keyboard Maestro>Preferences. And that includes Global Variables, Named Clipboards, Libraries - they do not sync between machines.

If it is the actual Macros you want to restore you should have a few options.

If you are using Dropbox to sync you might be able to restore to an earlier version. Dropbox makes versions every single time a change is made so, that would give plenty of goes to get back to the good version. The file you are looking for is:

Keyboard Maestro Macros.kmsync



I have done this many, many times...

If you are using iCloud you won't have versions. So, you might be stuck with the inbuilt Keyboard Maestro restore - which you have tried already.

That shouldn't make a difference. Whatever the latest version is (including your restored version) will be the one that syncs to the other computers.

I suppose if all else fails and one of those six computers has been turned off the whole time, it will still have a good version. The problem would be how to turn it on without it connecting the the internet and overwriting its version with the latest version.