How Do I Save as PDF Using KM on macOS High Sierra?

As a newbie to creating macros, I’d like to see how to Save as PDF with KM, since. my attempts so far have failed, although I can do it with David Sparks’ approach. Can anyone please assist me with the code?

Here's what I use

F - Print to File.kmmacros (3.0 KB)

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It’s important when creating a Mac-based shortcut in System Preferences that the text shown in a menu is replicated exactly (punctuation, capitalization, etc.). In older versions of the Mac OS, the menu item is shown as

Save as PDF…

and in later versions it’s shown as

Save as PDF

For the first one, the ellipsis (three dots) must be entered by typing Option+; [semicolon] rather than typing three periods.

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Thank you, that solved it for me. You used several Actions I hadn’t seen in the Action list, so you’ve educated me considerably.

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Moved your question and replies to a new topic, since it is a new subject and to make it easier for all to find.

and to offer another option, you can do this using the OSX built-in Keyboard Preferences > Shortcuts feature.
Select App Shortcuts and click on the [+] button. Set the Menu Title to “Save as PDF…” (yes it works with 3 periods as well as the ellipsis) and set the keyboard shortcut as you wish.

I prefer ⌘S as this shortcut. Since this menu item only appears in the print dialog, there isn’t a conflict with the typical ⌘S shortcut for Save because the File menu is unavailable/disabled when the print dialog is in front.

P.S. I just noticed on my High Sierra system, the ellipsis is no longer in the menu title.

Hey Folks,

It might be worth your while to examine this thread:

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Thank you, I just did this on my Montery MacBook Pro 14 and works great!


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