How Do I Select Action and Get Action Name by Script?

Iā€™m working on a pretty cool macro that will highly automate macro uploading, but I need a little (or lot) of help from my friends. :smile:

I need a script that will:

  1. Select the first Action of a given macro
  2. Return the Name of that Action.
  3. Return the contents (plain text) of that Comment Action

Iā€™m thinking some (or at least one) of you KM macro hacker gurus have probably already done this. :wink:

Anyone up to the challenge?


Just call me your Code Monkey. :slight_smile:

Thanks Dan. But if I know you, you had that in your back pocket all the time. :wink:

Mostly. I just had to strip it out of something and make it presentable. :slight_smile:

@DanThomas, just wanted to let you know that your script worked very well ā€“ no issues. It is just taking me a bit longer with the macro Iā€™m using it in that I expected. Thanks again.

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