How do I select files in a folder according to Kind

I would like to select each item in folder and if the item kind is "Plain Text" add a suffix ".sd2" to it.

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Here's one way to replace file extensions:

Change File Extensions.kmmacros (27 KB)

Macro screenshot

Navigate to the folder that contains your files and trigger the macro. The rest should be self-explanatory. :+1:t3:

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Bt what if the file has no extension; by looking at the Kind is the only way to identify them?

Sometimes extensions aren't visible but are very much there, as you can see by looking at the file info window. Have you tried the macro? If it's no good for you we can have another go.

It would help if you could post an example file here.

Meanwhile, this might do the job:

Replace Extensions.kmmacros (31 KB)

Macro screenshot

If any files have no extension, they will be displayed in the list as [No extension].

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