How Do I Select or Find a File, then Copy It?

Hello, :grinning:
I have a folder with many midi clipping files. I would like to set up a shortcut to select one of the files.
I do not want to open them - just select them. Then I will do a copy.
All I know how to select them is to choose "Open file, folder, application".
These clippings will not open on their own.
I have to choose the spot where they should be pasted and paste them there.
So instead of find file and OPEN; I need find file and copy.
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Where is it located––in relationship to your startup disk––for example:

Macintosh HD : Applications ; myMidiClippings : Theclipping

or maybe it's

HD : Users : Terryshome : Desktop : my-clippings : theFile that. Also, I assume you want to copy it to the Clipboard (?).


I appreciate your help.

This is where they are: HD : Users : Terryshome : Desktop : my-clippings : theFile

Iwant to copy into my music application - right into the music track.


What are the steps involved in copying it to your music application when you do it manually?


I click on the file (I have the folder open). And I drag it to the place where it goes,

It's real funny. An hour ago, I could use copy and paste. Now that doesn't work.


I used to:

select the place where it is to be pasted -- track# and Measure number. I use the mouse. Then I pushed command P. I previously selected the file and did command C.

I was about to write an applescript - that you could paste into the 'execute an applescript' action in KM - that would copy the file to the clipboard. But I hesitate. I don't want to make the problem more complicated.

I never fiddled with them myself but I know enough to know, midi files are in their own little world. Also, based upon what you write above, I believe you want to paste them into your music application. Re: the dragging process: I get what you're saying because that's how it works with other types of files in other apps. Frankly, I wonder if you can still do it that way (dragging) but something is now interfering (whereas before, the interference had not yet arrived?) ...if I'm correct, the problem would be solved if the interference was removed.

Just a guess.

If you tell me the suffix of the file (for KM, the suffix is .app (I think midis have a unique suffix for each I right?) I can write an apple script that will first copy the file it into the Finder. Then, it would paste it into your music app. If you want me to give that a shot, tell me the name of the app. But I hope there's a simpler solution...good luck...

quick afterthought. Are you able to somehow target your music app. After you Command-C theFile, Command-V (paste) it, into the app. Trial and error...

Hi Clint,

It's real funny. The copy and paste as you described worked well. Then it just stopped working - even manually.

I think I'll just stick with the drag. It does seem to be easier. You click it once, drag and let go of the click button.

I was hoping on having one control device, push one button and the midi data would be inserted in the designated spot.

But you still have to designate the spot......


good to hear...

This should do the trick. Fairly easy, but does require a bit of AppleScript knowledge.

MACRO: Choose File and Copy It [Example]

Please let us know if this works for you.