How Do I Send a Note I've Written in the Drafts App to a Specific Notebook in Evernote?

I have many notes in the Drafts App. I want to export these to specific Evernote notebooks. I couldn't find a Macro that would do this?

This is not something that KM native Actions can do -- it will require AppleScript.
I don't know anything about the Drafts app, but it looks like you are in luck:
See AppleScript - Drafts User Guide.

You might look here for help:
Using Evernote with Drafts - Integration Guides - Drafts Community

Thanks. I’ll definitely look that up

Drafts AppleScript support is pretty meager at the moment, and the new version of Evernote has canned AppleScript altogether (to the fury of many power-users).

I revived the enhance AppleScript in Drafts thread on their forum – if you feel like it please vocally request enhanced AppleScript support here:

The link @JMichaelTX provided is less than encouraging for mass export, but I've not looked over everything...


Hey Chris, as I stated this is just to help the OP get started. It was not intended as a complete solution for transporting all Drafts notes to Evernote.

In fact, my post is NOT a solution at all -- just a resource.

I didn't suggest it was...