How do I set the time ahead by 60 seconds?

I want to set my clock ahead by exactly 60 seconds in a KM macro. (Yes, I know about disabling the automatic time update from Apple.) It's hard enough doing this in the shell (for a variety of reasons I won't mention, but sudo is just one of them.) I have a solution that's ALMOST working but I feel I might be down an incorrect (and complicated) path to the best solution. how would the experts here do it? I.e., how would you write a macro to move the clock ahead by 60 seconds. If nobody has a good way, I'll show what I have and maybe we can make it work together.

If you're curious, I'm trying to probe ideas to see if I can get some apps to believe that a certain amount of time has passed, so I can progress to the next step more quickly.

Can you offer us any hint as to the problem which this aims to solve ?

I'm researching whether I can trick apps into thinking time has passed. I have some game apps that make me wait for things, I also have the Youtube server which might be using my local time to decide how long ads should be shown. I have lots of reasons. Does this help? I'm doing research into app behaviour. That's my reason for doing this.

Might be worth exploring the Xcode command line tools – simCtl in particular – for that kind of context.

(Though it looks as if that may be limited to the iOS simulator)

For web contexts, this thread may prove relevant (Google developer tools):

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