How Do I Show HotKey on Trigger Macro by Name?

For some reason, not all of my macros that do have a Hotkey show the Hotkey in the Trigger Macro by Name window:

How do I cause ALL macros to show their Hotkey?

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I’m seeing this, too, when the macro name is too long. It seems to truncate at the end (hotkey) instead of the middle.

If you’re interested, I could easily modify this to show hotkeys:

Also, I could probably rework it so it no longer requires external resources, since I’ve learned a thing or two since I wrote it.

But only if it would be useful - I’ve got plenty of other things to do. :slight_smile:

I’m definitely interested. If you have the time, please make this mod.

I prefer your macro (but had forgotten about it) because it searches only on characters in the macro name, whereas the built-in Action also searches for characters within the macro actions.

If the macro has a hotkey, I prefer to use it. But I sometimes forget the hotkey if I haven’t used the macro in a while.

Thanks for all your great work and contributions, Dan.

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Wasn’t that hard to add. I’ve updated the original post:

As it says in the post, since you’ve already installed it before, you only need to import the new macro.

You can keep both versions, or delete the old macro first. If you have any “Execute a Macro” actions that run this macro, then you should probably delete the old macro first. That way, they’ll automatically use this macro when you import it.

Let me know if you have ay issues, questions, suggestions, etc.

BTW, I did NOT remove the dependency on external resources. Just because I know how to do it doesn’t mean I want to spend the time on it. :slight_smile: Actually, I want to, but I want to do other stuff more. :slight_smile:

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Yeah, like watching the British Open on TiVo :wink:

LOL. That’s in the summer. Although we’re going to the Masters in April. Woo hoo!

The Trigger Macro By Name window is not resizable, and the name takes precedence, so if the name doesn’t fit with the trigger, then the trigger is removed and if it still does not fit, then the name is truncated in the middle.