How Do I Sync Bookmarks Between Chrome and Safari?

Has anyone ever created a macro for keeping in sync Safari & Chrome bookmarks? I would go so far as to ask about using KM to do a “master”sync between the two but that seems like a much harder question.

My dream is to have the same set of bookmarks sync’d and available in Chrome & Safari so that I can use them interchangeably across my micro-iPad (mobile), iPad, and desktop versions of these browsers. e.g. if i bookmark something in Safari on my micro-iPad, it will sync to Chrome on my desktop.

I’m not looking for something external: I’ve got that with Raindrop, Instapaper, etc. I want a process for syncing bookmarks across browsers.

Not even sure if this is possible…and it might only be on the export/import level…but i thought i would ask.

Hey Bernard,

This is very complicated and unlikely to happen.

Look at URL Manager Pro or BookMacster.