How do i Toggle all my Macro Groups globally ON/OFF with a keyshortcut?

Dear all,

How do i Toggle all my Macro Groups ON/OFF with a keyshortcut ?

  • I have made some Macro Groups, each Group is made for one Applcation.
  • I now want to press a key so that ALL Groups become deactivated (wichever Application is active currently)
    And another press of that key makes all My Macro Groups active again.

I can't figure this out, is this possible at all ?
Warm Regards.

OSX Mojave 10.14.1
KM version 8.2.4

Hey Rob,


If you've properly created your application groups they they won't be active when a different app is frontmost.

It is possible to toggle all groups on/off, but it's not exactly convenient.

If you'll be more specific about what you're doing then perhaps we can come up with an efficient way to help you.


If you have setup you Macro Groups properly, this happens automatically.
IOW, the ONLY Groups that are active at any point in time are:

  • Global Groups (set for ALL apps)
  • Groups that are active ONLY for the frontmost app

For example:

This Group:

is active ONLY when Google Chrome is frontmost.


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