How do I transfer my macros to a new Mac?

I Version 6.4.7 on my Mac mini for sometime now and it is operating perfectly. We upgraded to new Mac minis and I “dragged over” the maestro program to the new Mac Mini which is running Yosemite. It is working fine but I have lost the many many many shortcuts that I had previously developed. Apparently I didn’t drag over or otherwise copy over everything I needed so that the new shortcuts would work on the new Mac Mini. I have been using this program religiously in the thought of going back and restarting is intolerable. I still have access to the old machine. What do I need to bring over from that machine to the new machine so that the program sees my prior shortcuts? The person who gives me the correct answer first wins $100 million or my great appreciation at my choice. Also could you please make sure to copy your answer to and also to since our email is really not running well yet on the new machines. Thank you

This is covered in the wiki FAQ.

Make sure Keyboard Maestro and Keyboard Maestro Engine are not running on either Mac.

Transfer the ~/Library/Application Support/Keyboard Maestro folder, and optionally the ~/Library/Preferences/com.stairways,keyboardmaestro.* files (the latter include minor settings and preferences, as well as your license details).

Note that you can get to the ~/Library folder (which is hidden by default) in the Finder by holding down the Option key and selecting Go ➤ Library.

Make very sure that the resulting files and folders on your new Mac have the correct ownership and permissions.

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Hi, I’ve just transferred macros over to a new machine, in the way you describe above, but I too have found that macros written after a certain date don’t immediately show up.

My impression is that the watershed date may correspond to the switch from KM5 to KM6. Was there some change then in the way that permissions were set ?

(Data was generally brought across from one machine to another with Apple’s Migration Assistant, and other data doesn’t appear to have any permissions problems)

( Do you happen to know an elegant bash one-liner which might find/fix the problematic (I think post KM 6) permissions ?)

I presume, incidentally, that the KM6 transition didn’t involve any secondary or additional macro storage locations, for example in Containers ?

All the information in Keyboard Maestro is stored in one of these places:

~/Library/Application Support/Keyboard Maestro folder - make sure the folder and all its contents are owned by you and read/write by you.
~/Library/Preferences/com.stairways.keyboardmaestro.* three files. As above, and also they can become corrupted, so trashing them is sometimes a good idea. Your license and preferences you can configure from the Preferences window, and things like window locations are stored here.

There is also the ~/Library/Logs/Keyboard Maestro folder, but thats just log files.

In the Terminal, if you are in the ~/Library/Application Support/Keyboard Maestro folder, you can use:

chown -R username .
chmod -R u+rw .

To verify you can make changes, launch Keyboard Maestro, create a new macro group, quit and relaunch Keyboard Maestro and verify it is there.

To verify Keyboard Maestro Engine can see it and sees the changes, simply configure the new macro group to be active for one action and turn on “The corresponding status menu item is selected” and check the Keyboard Maestro status menu for the entry.

Make sure you only have one version of Keyboard Maestro and Keyboard Maestro Engine running.

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