How do I trigger a palette with a hotkey (it seems to not work)

I want to make a simple hovering palette to open different websites.

I've searched on the forum and read the docs and still confused why it doesn't work.

I've made a palette here :

And added some actions :

Pressing my hotkey, doesn't bring up the palette however, in fact it does nothing. What I want it, I press a hotkey, and a palette of my macros shows up with my configures keypresses.

This feature definitely works, as I use it all the time.

Try a different hot key, and/or trigger from Status Menu for testing.

Otherwise, see Troubleshooting

I have had occasional instances where pressing the hotkey doesn’t show the palette. I can’t find a pattern in it. But stopping and starting the KM Engine always fixes it.

Let us know if this helps, because it really ought to work. :slight_smile:

It doesn’t. :frowning:

Nothing happens and I tried it on multiple hotkeys already. All of them are not taken for sure.

I also restarted KM engine and that didn’t help.

Does this work?

Example.kmmacros (2.1 KB)

No, nothing shows up as I think it should. It seems the entire palette thing is not working. I have this now :

OK, that's just strange. Try this:

You should be able to select it from the KM Status Menu. Check "Place palette under mouse" just to make sure it isn't hiding off the screen or something.

@DanThomas that is strange.

That too does nothing. Nothing happens.

Sounds like something @peternlewis will have to help with.

You show your group as “Activated for one action when”.

That will not show a palette. It will activate the macro group, and you can press the contained macro triggers, but nothing will show on the screen.

Use “Show a palette for one action” instead.


Thank you Peter, this worked.

I am curious, since the palette does not show the keys that I mapped my macros to in the palette. Like these ones for example :

I would think that it would show the keys here :

This is solved by naming the macros with the hotkey trigger like so :

I am curious though, what is the best way to solve this issue? My solution works for me but still curious. :slight_smile:

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Select the Group, then click on the "Palette Style" graphic, shown here:

This brings up the "Theme Editor". Check the "Trigger" checkbox, shown here:

That will cause the triggers to be shown in the palette.


Thank you Dan.