How do I turn this off?

A couple updates ago, I started getting this behaviour that whenever I click out of any application onto the desktop, keyboard Maestro throws up a window listing all my macros.

How can I turn this off? It’s constantly getting in my way.


Select Help ➤ Assistance, and then click “Something unexpected is happening” and follow the instructions, see if that explains the issue.

When I quit the engine, the behaviour stops. As soon as I restart the engine, the behaviour starts again.

Here's the window that I get as soon as I click on the desktop. I covered over the macro names for privacy's sake. Any help you can give would be appreciated!

Oh, by the way, this started happening on both my laptop AND my desktop computer.

Initiate the problematic behavior, then open the Keyboard Maestro Editor and use View > Select Macro > Last Used to display the last-used macro which is, presumably, the one causing the issue you’re addressing.

If you follow my advice, the Assistance window will tell you which macro is being triggered, and then you can adjust it.

Or follow @NaOH’s advice, and it will do the same.