How do i type a hard return in the Stream Deck Title action?


How do i type a return in the action for a stream deck title?
Copy and paste from a text editor works, but there must be a better way isn't it?

There’s the text token %Return%. There’s also %LineFeed%. Both are line-breaking characters that, in some contexts, will make a difference to how a program interprets what its reading, so if one doesn’t behave the way you expect, try the other.

In a general context, where you find yourself needing to insert a carriage return into an editing field, but pressing the key performs some other action (e.g. sending a message), then often + will insert a line-break.

Even typing a return into most text areas in actions works, but you might not notice that it’s there when you look at the action in the editor.

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Option+Return seems to work for me. That works in most text fields on the Mac to enter a return.

@thoffman666 makes a good point that \n also works and is easier to see in the Keyboard Maestro editor window.

Have you tried \n ?

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works too!


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