How Do I Use Click on Found Image where Image comes from a screen shot?

I don't think I understand purpose of this macro.

Anyways could you help with similar macro. I too want to click a certain image. So here's the flow.

Trigger macro:

  1. Asks user to take a screen shot.
  2. After user takes a screenshot, it wait for x duration or until a keypress/trigger.
  3. Now it start looking for the screenshot user provided.
    4 Clicks when it sees that at specified coordinates (can be fixed for now).

I cannot figure out how to pass a taken screenshot to action. Should I write shell script to take one and store at fixed path or this macro to use? Better Maestro-ey way?

How can I make it wait until second trigger?

I would also like to dynamically specify coordinates; I can't think of a way to specify coords after taking screenshot (anyways I can just take screenshot of the button).

Another similar problem is to ask user to take screenshot of screen to pass to OCR action. Why is there no KM action to prompt user for screenshot?

Hi @humpy-dumpy, the macro is used to insert a screenshot without further clicks into the KM action "Click at Found Image. Here again an example of my current (revised) macro:

34)Click Image <0879 200823T220224>.kmmacros (25,3 KB)

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If you need exact coordinates for a macro action, I can recommend this macro from @JMichaelTX

Here is an example how it works:

@humpy-dumpy could you describe this better with an example? What exactly do you want to do with the screenshot in KM?

I want to make KM click on certain button when it shows up.

So input from user is a screenshot. And when KM sees that button in screenshot on screen it should click it.

Thought this would be more something than it is. There are other apps that can do this but dont another background screen recording app running.

I hope you don't mind that I have moved your post to a new topic to better reflect the question you have asked.

This will greatly help you attract more experienced users to help solve your problem, and will help future readers find your question, and the solution.

Thanks. I thought that was the most related topic. I'm surprised there isn't a macro for this already. It would be so useful. KM would need to use the screen recording capabilities for matching the button.