How Do I use IFTTT WebHooks with Keyboard Maestro?

Send to IFTTT - Plug In Actions - Keyboard Maestro Discourse
For example,send clipboard to twitter?


First of all, go to the following address and create a "Maker Webhooks" connection.

You will receive an URL like this:
Your Key is the last part of the URL.

Then, create a new applet and choose "Maker Webhooks" as IF. Click on "Receive a web request" and give a name to your Event. For example: "clipboard_to_twitter".

Choose "Twitter" as THAT and click on "Post a tweet". Put {{Value1}} in the "Tweet text" field and click on the "Create action" button. Finish the creation of the applet.

Your applet should look like this:

Now, create a "Push an event to IFTTT" macro in Keyboard Maestro. Put your Key in the "Key" field, your Event Name in the "Event" field and %CurrentClipboard% in the "Value 1" field:

Hope this helps!


works perfect,Thanks!

My pleasure!