How do I use SHIFT and Mouse Click at the Same Time?

Im trying to make a hotkey where if i press the Z key it will shift and click at the same time. When I select it to perform a keystroke Shift doesn’t work. Even if i click other and press the shift key. Any help would be appreciated

You can use the "Move and/or Click Mouse" Action, which has a modifier option (shown in yellow):

However, you most likely will need to first determine the location where you want the mouse click. It is not possible to click at text insert cursor location.

One possibility is to use a "Found Image", like this:

For more info see action:Move or Click Mouse [Keyboard Maestro Wiki]

Thank you it’s almost working perfectly. Sorry I’m using this for a game. the shift key needs to always activate before the click happens. right now what I’m doing it works like 1/5 times.

I’m trying to imitate holding the shift key and clicking

or if its possible to remap my shift key to say X and then just left click with Z. i would need to be able to hold down X and keep shift active though.

Try this:

  • Type a Modifier Shift Key, and turn on the Hold option.
  • Pause
  • Click with Shift Key
  • Pause
  • Type a Modifier Shift Key, and turn on the Release option.

(if the macro is going to end, the key will be released anyway).

this works thank you