How Do I use StreamDeck Buttons to Trigger One Macro With Different Parameters?

I have several macros, based on a JMichaelTX script, that I use to move files from Pathfinder to the appropriate DevonThink inbox using my StreamDeck - as of now, each macro is called by a separate button on my stream deck. If possible, I'd like to have a single macro that is called by the StreamDeck buttons, with the only difference among the buttons being that I pass the parameter of the DevonThink database inbox UUID. But I am not sure how to rewrite my macro below to incorporate the UUID as a passed parameter rather than something that is hard-coded into the script. Any help would be appreciated.
For bonus points, I've actually created a KBM dictionary with the DT database as the key and the database's inbox UUID as the value. Because a number of my databases are project-related and are used only for a couple of months, I thought this would be a way to easily keep things updated (I use the UUIDS in other macros, not just to move files from Pathfinder). But again, I'm punching above my weight trying to figure out how to go from using the database name as a parameter/trigger to getting the UUID into the applescript on which a given macro is based. Indeed, I'm not even sure I'm conceptualizing the flow of how to do this correctly.
The file-moving macro is as follows:
Get Selected Items from Finder or PathFinder to DT3 Sample Macro (v9.2)

Get Selected Items from Finder or PathFinder to DT3 Sample.kmmacros (23 KB)

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