How do I Use the macro Make Bold and Make Italic to format text

I am confused as to the process of making a macro to make bold and/or italic text format. I would like to highlight a word and trigger a shortcut key from keyboard maestro to do it on either word/scrivener or keynote.

Those apps have text formatting shortcuts built in (cmd-B / cmd-I). What is it that you'd like to do differently?

My boss wanted to have the macro and then load it unto the streamdeck so he does not need to use the keyboard for the shortcut. Is there a way create a bold and italic macro?

You don't need Keyboard Maestro for this. Just add a hotkey button to the Stream Deck like so:

Thank you for this. I forgot to mention he wanted bold and then make it italic at the same time.

In that case, he needs to create a Multiaction button and add two hotkey actions inside it, like so:

Thank you so much!!! You're such a great help!!!

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