How Do I View PDFs and Take Notes with Evernote?

as we are on the topic of Evernote, I have 5,000 documents, mostly pdfs which I consult for research.

  • as I right that it would be impossible to view WITHIN Evernote the pdfs as 2 pages at a time?
  • could you imagine a macro which would automatically open the PDFs in a note? I would imagine that it is not possible.
  • One problem that I have is that I read through the notes and attached PDFs and have to take notes at the same time? Could you recommend an app or some method for taking notes simultaneously as I am going through the Evernote notes and PDFs.?
    thanks very much

AFAIK, the view of a PDF within Evernote is limited to only 1 page across, with other pages shown below/above. IOW, there is no 2-page view like in Acrobat.

Since you would need to select the PDF in any case, I think the simplest solution is to simply double-click on the PDF in the Evernote Note to open it in your default PDF reader/editor. While you probably could write an AppleScript to open PDFs in a note, it would be more trouble than it is worth, IMO.

Since Evernote will scroll all windows of the same note to the same position, you can’t just open another window of the Note to enter your notes. So, I’d suggest that you just create a new (temp) Note in a separate window to enter your notes as you view the PDF in the main window. When done, just copy/paste your notes back into the main window with the PDF, and delete the temp Note.


If you open the PDF in another app, then you can then just take Notes in the main window. This is probably how I would do it.

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thanks very much. I did not even realize that I could double click on a pdf. I thought I had to right click, open etc.

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