How Do You Download All of the Clipboard History as Text or Png?

How do you download all of clipboard history as text or png?

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If you can be more specific about what you're trying to do it'll be easier to help, but we'll go with what we've go for the moment.

It really depends upon what kind of output you want.

The simplest way is to:

  • Open a new TextEdit document.
  • Open the Keyboard Maestro Clipboard History dialog.
  • Select-All.
  • Paste.

Otherwise you'll have to loop through the clipboard history and:

  • Discover the flavor of the clipboard.
  • Paste into an appropriate editor, or write to file.


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This could be a very large dataset, depending, of course, and exactly what you have on the Clipboard History.
What is your purpose in doing this? Do you really need all Clipboards?