How do you organize KM and other Development related material?

Survey Question for all members: I am curious. How do you assemble, store, file Reference Material for KM (and other topics) so that you can actually make use of it and find it later when challenges arise that may benefit from some previous snippet of gold you’ve discovered either here or in some other forum?

I struggle with finding stuff later when I need it. Seems like I need to create some type of system and would benefit from everyone feedback on workflows they use to organize and file materials.

I use two tools to store KM ref info:

  1. Evernote
  • I use tags like SW.KM, REF, SW.Code, HowTo
  1. A “Test” macro group
  • I keep examples of unusual or hard to use actions/macros here
  • Especially Actions that use RegEx
  • When not using/testing, I remove the triggers

For KM macros that use scripts, I also store the scripts in Quiver The Programmer’s Notebook .

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I just rediscovered this topic from Jan 2016, using a search.

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