How I have hacked my keyboard to seamlessly operate 300+ global shortcuts of macros, alfred workflows and the like

I have recently updated my github repository where I documented what keyboard remapping I have made over these months.

If you take a look at my ‘s’ key for example, it contains quite a lot of really nice macros that I can seamlessly integrate into my workflow thanks to this tool. There really is no barrier to adding a new hotkey. I don’t have to twist my hands. I don’t have to try and remember the shortcuts as first, I use them daily, and secondly, I can map my hotkeys naturally into their appropriate sections. Ultimately I am always two keypresses away from everything that I can dream of doing.

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This looks to be pretty amazing. But it appears to be one of those things that just cannot be done justice to in words… Would you ever consider making a screencast of your macros in action? I cannot but help thinking that seeing it, will demonstrate the full benefit, and (complex) simplicity of how this can change everything.

For example, when you say that your space-bar is now a sticky-key modifier, that you can use to trigger actions - how does that actually work, practically? Do you hold the space-bar down? How does the system distinguish you launching a macro, from just everyday typing?

Apologies for what might be silly questions! But I’ve read some of your posts before - also over on the Alfted forum(?), and whereas I am really interested in what this could potentially do, I’m struggling to get my head around it. Although, maybe it’s just me!! :slight_smile:

Not really. 

Few people would bother to go to all that trouble without really understanding the payoff.

I think a vid is a good idea, but it would need to demonstrate workflows that would benefit “normal” people. :sunglasses:


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