How is a "Semaphore Unlock" and "Semaphore Reset" different?

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How is a “Semaphore Unlock” and “Semaphore Reset” different?

Semaphore Lock can be balanced by a Semaphore Unlock, but a Semaphore is implicitly unlocked when the macro that locked it completes.

Semaphore Reset will forcibly unlock a semaphore and should generally not be used except in very unusual circumstances.

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So it only forces the named semaphore and not all of them like I was thinking it might do. Sounds like it overcomes a lock up or something.

Yes, only the specified lock. And really it should never be required since if you cancel the macro then the lock would be unlocked. I can’t think of any case where it would be a good idea, I only put it in because it is a normal facility of semaphores, but I probably should have omitted it.

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Great to know, all good information in the reply to know and I will keep it in mind. Who knows maybe it might be useful to someone always good to have options, I just wanted to be sure I was using things as intended since I still feel so new to things after over a year now.