How move 1 existing, active Safari page to Display2?


Safari setting in the Dock > Options is: Desktop on Display2

Anyway, sometimes a Safari page is already active on Display1 and I'm looking for a keyboard macro to move this active Safari page to → Display2.

(This can be easily done to get a NEW Safari page to D2.)

with best regards,
Omar KN, Stockholm, Sweden

You'll have to describe both your setup and what you want to do.

For example, with two screens of the same dimensions and keeping the window in the same place on both you simply need to add or subtract your screen width from the windows X coordinate. For screens of different dimensions you'll need to use percentages, and you'll probably want to resize the window as well -- or maybe only when moving it to the smaller display. And so on.

Sizes can be handled by Move and Resize Window. OK.

Problem is I can't find an action in the Safari Control Group which has something like: Chose the topmost/ active Safari Window and move it to Display2.

(I know how to move a NEW/ empty Safari page to D2).

How can this be done?

with best regards,
Omar KN, Stockholm, Sweden
(with 2 displays there's always a lot of shuffling around of files and windows.)

Why would it be in there? It's just another window, so it'll be in the Interface Control Group.

But now you have to decide -- do you want to move the frontmost window of the active application:


...or the frontmost window of Safari, whatever app is frontmost:


You can do them separately, but moving the Safari window from one screen to the other is a "Move" action so you might as well position the window on that screen at the same time.

Yes, right.

And now any front window can be moved easily to another display (here: D2)


Move and Resize Front Window (2259, -148, 1458, 1100) ***

  • the front window

  • in Front Application

*** These values are case-specific and were culled from Chris Stone's Window Information Tools - Macro Library

Yep, you've got it.

I've only had a second display here for a couple of weeks, but here's my very simple "throw a window to the other screen" macro. It's simple because both screens have the same dimensions and I want to put the window in the same position, at the same size, when it's moved. There's a second trigger, so if I include the ⇧ key it also positions the pointer in the title bar, ready for me to drag the window if I do want to reposition it:

Window to Other Screen.kmmacros (5.5 KB)