How post a macro group?

I have read the part of Using the Keyboard Maestro Forum, so I understand how to post a single macro. But how do you post a group of macros? I suspect the answer is on a forum post, but I couldn’t find it.

Select a Macro Group, then select all or not macros with it, and then share it to the Keyboard Maestro Forum.

How do I provide a name for the uploaded “Untitled Macro File.kmmacros”? I could do it in the post, but that won’t change what it’s named online.

I think I have the same problem with uploading a single macro.

Single macros are named based on their name.

I have adjusted the code for the next version so that it better names macros when more than one are selected.

OK, now what about a script (Apple, Java, Shell)?

Usually the best way to post a script is to paste it in and surrounded it by three backticks (`) and after the first three, include the scripting language (applescript, javascript, bash). For example:

This one uses three back ticks and then “bash”:

echo "Hello"

The one uses applescript:

tell app "Keyboard Maestro"
   setMacroEnable "Doit" with enable
end tell

If the script is in a file, you can upload it directly, but usually it is easier to have the script as text.